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Triad, NC / Cellmates, Blue Echoes

About the time I started school I had an aunt that would bring records (45s) to me and my cousins. Some of the ones that I remember were "Green Door" by Jim Lowe, "The Crazy House" by Red Foxx, "I'll Be Satisfied" by Jackie Wilson and "Good Rockin' Tonight" by Wynonie Harris. We didn't know anything about 'Beach Music' or 'Shagging,' this was just the music that you danced to.

There were several bands in the area, the Blue Echoes and the Cellmates are the ones that I remember best that played mostly Rhythm and Blues and Soul music at the sock hops and school dances.

The Cellmates rehearsed across the street from my house, and I would hang around. The first time I heard "Walking Up A One Way Street" was at a Cellmates rehearsal.

When I got to college I heard about 'Beach Music' and 'Shagging' and found out that the music and the dance that I had been listening to for about a dozen years had a name.

Fave Band: Tams, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs

Hangouts: Castaways, Boar and Castle, Loba G

Beach DJs: Big Daddy on WAAA (although white kids weren't supposed to listen to 'that kind of music') and there was a station on FM out of High Point that played some GREAT music from 6 pm until 11 pm. WAIR out of Winston-Salem was pretty good at times, but most of the kids listened to WTOB in Winston Salem, but they were Top 40 [WCOG was the Top 40 in Greensboro--JH "thanks Charles Hamlett"].

Best Dancers: any of the good lookin' high school girls

Special Beach song: "Oh What A Night" ('69 version) --Dells and "May I" by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs

--William James, Yadkinville, NC, February 2000


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