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PDF File of Beach Music Top 40 August 15, 2015 Chart



The Beach Music Top 40

Beach Music's only weekly Top 40 countdown began in September 1992 as an extension of the documentation begun by "Dr." Chris Beachley and 'Fessa John Hook in 1979 with It Will Stand Magazine and later with It Will Stand News, Carolina Class Magazine, Dancing On The Edge, the Rhythm 'n Beach Newspaper, and the Rhythm 'n Beach Newsletter.

The weekly charts are developed via credit reports solicited from the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (including the Bop clubs of the Mid Atlantic and South), the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs, the Association of Rhythm 'n Blues DJs, record distributors, retailers, the top, independent Rhythm 'n Beach radio DJs throughout the Southeast, and a wide spectrum of listeners and fans all over the U.S.

A casual look at each chart demonstrates that Beach Music is wide in diversity representing the culture and communities it expresses and while every week the chart may be different the previous week's chart is immortalized in permanent printer ink. This is no surprise when one realizes that "Beach" music culture preceded Rock 'n Roll by more than a decade. It preceded Rhythm 'n Blues by a decade. The why's and wherefores--including 'why' this has never been part of the national consciousness--has been the foundation of Fessa Hook's commitment to Beach Music for 25 years.


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