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Raleigh, NC: Fifth Wave


I think you omitted a very important DJ in your brief mention of DJ's that really promoted Beach Music in the Fifth Wave from 1980-1995. His name is Marty Callaghan.

Marty was first on WRZR-AM in Raleigh in 1982 hosting an awsome Beach Music show on Sunday afternoons. He blended in songs that were totally obscure, but many of which today are considered highly collectible finds. I have many of these 45s in my collection thanks to Marty.

He moved to a new FM station in Raleigh, WTRG 100.7, a few years later where he did a weekly Beach Music Show. WTRG is an Oldies station. I guess they lost their mind, because they ceased having the show after only a few years.

Then, Big John Ruth appeared on the scene and brought a Beach Music Show back, sometime around 1992 I believe.

I was in college from '77 to '84 (J. Belushi 7-year plan, but I got two degres) and Beach Music was HOT! It was great.

At NC State we had Crazy Zacks and a lot of classy girls from Meredith, spoiled rich girls from St. Mary's, and girl-next-door girls from Peace to Shag the nights away with.

Tuesday was the night at Zacks--nickel beers until 9

When I return to my fraternity house for Homecoming these days, Beach Music is nowhere to be found and totally alien to the kids of today. It's a shame....

....your history did not cover....John Swain (R.I.P.), former owner of the Record Hole. He ought to be about a guy who knew music--ALL KINDS OF MUSIC--John was the guy. And, he was so passionate about it. He wanted to talk, educate, and SHARE music--whatever the customer's tastes were. He spent lots of time playing stuff for me that he thought I'd like whenever I frequented his place. I have John to thank for about half of my 450 Beach singles and for introducing me to Marty Callaghan in his store.

--From the Rockies, Steve Allen, Fort Collins,Colorado


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