The Clovers:


Beach Music Kings


since 1951


The venerable rhythm and blues act, the Clovers, have a name synonymous with R'n'B chart activity over the years in a career of recording that has spanned 50 years. The Clovers still rank as the only R'n'B group to rival the legendary Drifters in traditional R'n'B chart success; having scored no fewer than 22 top twenty classics.

The Clovers played Trump Plaza for the past ten years plus they work Casinoes in Mississippi, Vegas, clubs and private corporate parties all over America with their Cloverleaf Band.

The Clovers have just released a new CD on Ripete Records containing eight new songs. It's climbing the charts featuring Johnny Mason singing "Let's Get Loose," and songs like "Squeeze Box" featuring Lamont Greenfield's "You Sexy Thing," "Derby Town," "Love Is So Good When You're Stealing It," "Stepping In Stepping Out," "My Mother's Lullaby," plus, on the same CD, oldies such as "Lovey Dovey," "One Mint Julep," and all the Clover's older hits.

The Clovers, who were discovered in their hometown of Washington D.C., were one of the first acts signed by fledgling independent record producer Ahmet Ertegun to his then-new Atlantic Record label. The group's early success helped establish Atlantic as a major force in the record industry. Years 1951-54 saw releases of such classics as "One Mint Julip," "Hey Miss Fannie," "Don't You Know I Love You," and "Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash." On through to the turn of the decade, the group continued to ride high on the charts with hits like "Blue Velvet," "Devil or Angel," "Nip Sip," "Love Love Love," and "Love Potion #9"--their greatest hit.

The group has had an enduring influence in the general rock marketplace as nearly all of the Clover's big hits have been covered at one time or another by other recording artists. Most notable among these are the Steve Miller Band's version of both "Your Trash...." and "Lovey Dovey" (affectionately reworded as "The Joker") and the Searchers' monster Mersey remake in the 60's of "Love Potion #9."

Members of the Clovers are Johnny Mason, 37 years; John Bowie, 44 years; Lamont Greenfield, 14 years; and Richie Merritt, 10 years. With this kind of longevity, you can count on getting that authentic Clover's sound which I find as relaxing as meditation.

For information on worldwide distribution of the new CD on Ripete Records #2254, please call Ripete Records at 803-438-3358 for the Clovers.

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