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Atlantic Beach, NC; Embers Club,

Folly Beach Pier, etc.

In my Junior High and High School years, the Embers came through New Bern quite regularly. We spent hours at the Pavilion at Atlantic Beach and later at the Embers' Beach Club.

I guess in the 60's we were Fas' Dancing. In the late 60's and early 70's we were Boppin'.

While I was at The Citadel we had these wonderful parties sponsored by the Senior Class at the Folly Beach Pier. In nice weather you had wonderful ocean breezes.

The stage and baths were on shore but the dancing area was literally a pier. If a young cadet became ill from some malady he just hung over the side and let it fly.

Those parties were always bring-your-own coolers. The parties were famous. Young women would come from both Carolinas: Clemson, Converse, Meredith, St. Mary's and many other schools, to enjoy these festivities.

We always had two bands, so they played alternating sets and kept the music continuous. At least one of the bands would be a black show band, Motown or other Beach Music Band. We bopped with great sincerity.

There have been many a stroll along those beaches with a Southern debutante and a Citadel Cadet.

If you remember Folly Beach of the early 70's there were two houses on pilings that at high tide were actually in the Atlantic Ocean. I have stole a kiss or two at low tide beneath those old places while listening to the Beach Music coming from the Folly Beach Pier (pavilion).

For the last three years I have been a disciple of Ms Judy Duke. We dance at the Oar House on Sundays and Captain Rattys (downtown New Bern) on Thursdays while T-Bird [Tommy T-Bird -ed] delivers a great mix of the classics and new songs. We hit Memories, Courtneys at Atlantic Beach and Rock Springs in Greenville [NC]. Of course we make trips to enjoy S.O.S.

--Gary Barker, New Bern, NC, July 2000


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